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The multicultural and global landscape: a broad target audience

The worldwide Internet audience is growing exponentially less English speaking and less Western centred. New cultures and sensibilities are enriching the global landscape every year, resulting in a multicultural and diverse group of people.

Fig.1 Worldwide Internet Users
Data from Internet World Stats 2020 Q3 (

Internet usage statistics (Fig.1) show that at the Q3 of 2020 the 51.8% of the total Internet users were based in Asia; 14.8% in Europe; 12.8% in Africa, 9.5% in Latin America and only the 6.8% in North America.

Another considerable data is the Internet World Penetration Rates, showing that 63.2% of the entire world population has access to the Internet.


Game Boy Cameras — A picture doesn’t get more ’90s than this.

The Nintendo Game Boy Camera (also known as Pocket Camera, ポケットカメラ in Japanese) is a cartridge that included a camera and a digital sensor for Nintendo Game Boy devices (up to the Game Boy Advance SP). It was the smallest digital camera when it was released, back in 1998. In a time where consumer and pro cameras were normally analogue, using rolls of film, the Game Boy Camera was actually the first digital camera for many families. Technically the Game Boy Camera was very limited, but its aesthetic is still very interesting today. From Wikipedia: “The camera can take 256×224…

May 3, 2016


During the years I used many different mobile phones. I started in 1998 with a Mitsubishi, and I still keep that first Italian mobile number as a backup one. Then mobile phones with cameras arrived, and the first one I ever used was in Japan, around 2001. The one that I remember to be my first official mobile phone with a camera was the Nokia 7650, an amazing device for the time (2002), the grandpa of the modern smartphones. This was the quality of its camera:

Leica Beoon 16511 (info)

From the moment I restarted using film cameras it appeared clear that if I wanted to share those photos on social medias, I had to scan the negatives into digital images. I then tried several photo labs in UK, to both develop and scan my films. I went to several different photo labs, from the expensive gallery to the cheap street lab. I was looking for a good balance between quality and price, but I was getting very variable results without being completely satisfied (including the price) by the quality of the scan. At the end…

I started taking photos when I was at elementary school, with a Polaroid Land Camera 1000 that I still keep. I also used many other cameras since then, in a time when of course shooting with films was absolutely common, before the digital era. Growing up, the tool that I preferred to use to note down the surrounding, and its people, was drawing. The first time I travelled to Japan I was 19, and back then I used to draw and sketch everyday. I sketched architecture, buildings, panoramas, everything that I could see around. In particular I drew people. …

The smart travel guide

I worked at Triposo from January 2013 to January 2015. In these 2 years I could enjoy working with an amazing team on a great product: one of the best smart travel guides for mobile devices.

Working in a startup is a formative experience, especially for designers or engineers. Being in a smaller team, working all together on the same product, you can really focus on improving all the important aspects day by day, release after release, following the whole process of the implementation.

As a designer you also have the chance to be flexible in your role (and you…

July 28, 2015

I wrote these few lines one year after I left Japan:

It’s been about a year since I left Japan. I lived in Osaka for two years, but the feeling that binds me to Japan is much older than that. I was nineteen when I visited Japan the first time. Quite immediately I fell in love with the whole country, and I spent the following 10 years travelling to Japan every year, until I finally moved there in 2010. Since the first time Japan influenced also my personal life and important choices.

As is difficult to describe…

Claudio Gomboli

Head of UX @Canonical @ubuntudesigners , London, previously @Intel . Film and digital photography.

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